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Can we start, when teenage girls come out as bisexual, saying congratulations and then offering support and information instead of questioning them, laughing at them and saying they’re lying?

or saying “that’s hot”

Petition to start arresting grown men who say that about teenage girls.

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» the eternal battle with internalized misogyny



here’s an example of how insidious this is:

If you were one of those young girls who was simultaneously told that she was smart and talented and loveable for being smart and talented but also told that men were smarter and more valuable than women, you might grow up rejecting anything even vaguely feminine because you didn’t want to be mistaken for weak/stupid/ girly, which you know are bad things.

So you might have a whole lot of tastes that you thought were intrinsic to your personality, like hating the color pink, that are really internalized misogyny. You might grow up and discover some girly stuff that is GREAT like Sailor Moon and realize that you don’t actually hate sparkles and flowers and pink after all, and wonder how different you might have been if you hadn’t been taught from an early age that being a girl was distasteful.

For instance.

oh look the realization i’ve been having for the past few years

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what if you got a dollar for everytime you masturbated 


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